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Summer Externship Experience

The Family Health Foundation Summer Externship Experience is supported in part by a matching grant from the AAFP Foundation.  Funds for the Foundation to match the AAFP Summer Externship grants were provided by UIC and a grant from the AAFP Foundation Family Medicine Philanthropic Consortium, which is funded by members like you! Help programs like this continue to support family medicine by giving to the FMPC. Select “Chapter Grants” when making your gift online (www.aafpfoundation.org). 

Program Goals

The Family Health Foundation of Illinois Summer Externship Experience provides an opportunity for pre- clinical medical students (M1 or M2) who are in leadership roles at their campus FMIG to experience a practical, clinical learning environment in the office of an Illinois family physician leader.

For 2022, the Family Health Foundation of Illinois offers a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) and a Full Scope Rural Medicine Small Practice Summer Externship Experience and new this year the UIC/Pilsen Food Pantry Summer Externship.

NOTE:  Students must ensure that their medical school's liability insurance policy will cover their time at their externship site.  If not, the student will be required to obtain a temporary policy at their own expense.      

This experience will expose the student to:  

  1. A wide range of clinical and social determinants of health issues seen by family physicians in outpatient and inpatient settings;
  2. Experiencing the challenges and rewards of family medicine careers
  3. Examining the family physicians’ relationship in contrast to and collaboration with other health care providers
  4. Observing role of a family physician in his/her community.
  5. Leadership perspective through observation and participation with your preceptor.

Expectations and Objectives

While the individual student’s experience may vary dependent upon the preceptor’s practice, the following expectations and objectives will be a part of all students’ experience in the Summer Externship Experience.

During the externship, the student is expected to:

  • Arrive on time at the location as set by your preceptor.
  • Express an interest in the underlying content material of family medicine
  • Interact courteously and professionally with all staff and patients.
  • Ask for help when needed.
  • Listen to and accept feedback in a constructive manner.
  • Ask good questions to learn more about the physician, the practice and community.
  • Submit a weekly online report summarizing your week and memorable encounters (instructions to be provided).
  • Contact program staff Ginnie Flynn ([email protected] or 773-754-1185) to report any problems or unexpected changes in scheduling.

Following the externship, the student should be able to:

  • Demonstrate commitment to patient care.
  • Demonstrate the ability to establish a rapport with patients.
  • Ask questions about and express some understanding of the nature of family medicine.
  • Recognize the potential importance of the family and home environment in the management of patient problems.
  • Demonstrate an awareness of the relationship of family physicians to their community.
  • Demonstrate an awareness of and the appropriate use of community resources available for comprehensive patient care.
  • Take a history that is appropriate for their level of training.
  • Perform a physical examination that is appropriate for their level of training.
  • Demonstrate a fund of basic knowledge that is appropriate for their level of learning.

Concluding your experience and collecting the $1500 stipend.

  • First half of stipend will be mailed after student signs and returns extern agreement for their specific externship experience
  • Student must complete all requirements and attend all scheduled days of externship in order to receive second half of stipend payment.
  • Student will complete an online final evaluation and attend a celebratory dinner (date and location TBD) with preceptor and program staff.
  • Students will receive a 1099 from the IRS.

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