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The 1-hour sexual harassment prevention education mandate applies to ANY profession licensed by the state that requires continuing education as a condition of re-licensure.

This one hour of education count towards the 150 CME hours necessary for your license renewal. The training must be offered or accredited by a professional association (such as IAFP!), state government agency, or federal agency. Click here, for complete information on license renewal requirements for the state of Illinois.

Training from IAFP:

Sexual Harassment in Health Care*

Presented by Marian Sassetti, MD, FAAFP
Partner, Lake Street Family Physicians; Oak Park, IL & Assistant Professor, Rush University Medical Center

Learning Objectives:

1.Understand what legally constitutes sexual harassment

2.Understand how to create policies which are clear, easy to follow, and universally understood as to how to report incidents of witnessed or experienced sexual harassment

3. Understand the need to design and demonstrate the implementation of fair, consistent, and effective consequences to all perpetrators despite rank/authority/reputation

4. Describe how supervisors in all settings are legally responsible for creating a climate in which inappropriate comments and behaviors are never tolerated and always met with consequences

5. Understand that the single greatest predictor of workplace harassment and the single greatest preventive element are the same: How Seriously Leaders Take the Matter and How Well They Role Model Respect and Equity  (Hart C 2018)

*Please note, this link will take you to YouTube to view the course. In order to receive CME/Certificate, you must register via the link below the video. This is free for IAFP members and $50 for non-members.

While you will not be required to submit any documentation proving that you have completed the required one hour of sexual harassment training, you should keep your records in the event of an audit.  Should you be audited, all that you would need would be a copy of a CME certificate that states the course name, date taken, name of the accredited provider, and your name.

IL State Requirement:

Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation / Division of Professional Regulation

 New Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Continuing Education (CE) requirement to renew licenses issued by DPR beginning January 1, 2020

Public Act:




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