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Strategic Plan (Adopted 2019)

Ease the pathways to meet professional requirements; including assisting family physicians to obtain education needed to remain licensed, board certified, and credentialed to practice at the top of their training and ability
• For questions/help with credentialing or licensing barriers, contact Jennifer O'Leary

Connect family physicians to the information, training, colleagues and organizations they need to fully engage in their chosen practice style
• Join a Member Interest Group

Build awareness among family medicine residents of the opportunities of active member status, and ease the transition from resident to active member
• Offer a New Physician panel at Family Medicine Midwest if feasible
• Incorporate a resident-focused leadership track at Family Medicine Midwest or a Chief Resident Workshop at Annual Meeting

Develop family physicians as leaders in their practice, medical group, health system and community through training
• Draw Illinois attendees registered for AAFP FMX to participate in Congress of Delegates activities
• Pair board with non-board members at Congress so they may be mentored and experience reference committees
• Recruit more non-board members to AAFP leadership conference NCCL/ACLF. For fiscal note, consider only offering partial funding for alternate. Prioritize alternate as delegate for following year

Broaden and increase membership to unite all family physicians and to strengthen the profession
• Invite all family medicine physicians in a hospital system to attend scheduled residency presentations
• Strive to have all practice scopes and regions in Illinois represented on the Board
• Survey members occasionally to ask how they would like to participate
• Offer both virtual and live opportunities to engage

Commit to Dialogue and Engagement
Be the voice of family medicine values to health organizations and the public; seeking to transform health care to be primary care-centric
• Reference and expand IAFP media resources 
• Public Relations Task Force serves as first respondents to media request on patient education and health topics.

Train volunteer leaders to represent family medicine as they make presentations, advocate and serve as media representatives
• Webinars and live presentations are available; contact Ginnie Flynn

Choose strategic health organizations with which to engage and collaborate to promote family medicine
• Family Medicine Midwest  
• For outreach talking points, contact Ginnie Flynn

Supply family physicians with resources to understand health advocacy and to promote family medicine
• Government relations resources and IAFP Advocacy efforts
• The value of working with IAFP
• Participate in Spring Into Action and AAFP's Family Medicine Advocacy Summit

Strongly define family medicine and showcase to members, medical students and others the values, services and best practices of the profession
• Encourage volunteer leaders and new physicians to participate in Mentor Connection

Lead with Advocacy
• Be the voice of family medicine. Advocate for healthier communities and collaborate with other health organizations to improve health equity and social determinants of health.

Mobilize volunteer leaders and members in grass-roots meetings with state and federal legislators.
• Raise awareness of family medicine as a specialty
• Inform the legislators on issues relevant to family physicians
• Included in Government Relations Committee SMART goals

Advance the interests of family medicine with employers, health plans, and public and private payors. Promote the quadruple aim through advanced payment models that support joy in practice.
• Included in Government Relations Committee SMART goals

Publicize the value of family medicine and share widely.
• Re-introduce and localize our advocacy to members – marketing our current advocacy to our members drives what we do by increasing awareness and involvement. As we work across the mission, vision and values; one of the values under Commit to Dialogue and Engagement reflects the need to re-introduce our Advocacy to our members: Supply family physicians with resources to understand health advocacy and to promote family medicine
• For resources, contact Gordana Krkic, CAE

Quality CME
• Be the source of CME opportunities for Illinois family physicians linking to excellent CME and creating CME to meet the needs of family physicians.
• Survey members occasionally to find out how they would like to receive their education
• Offer virtual KSAs
• In plain language, inform members on types of CME credit, how to claim credit, ABFM MOC and Part IV
• Contact Kate Valentine if you are a subject matter expert or if you need a subject matter expert
• Increase CME engagement (attendance and claiming credit)
• Seek out new and continuing formats for CME – Essential Evidence, enduring, web-based, patient education, webinars, etc.
• Monitor and report CME engagement
• Research how to increase CME engagement
• Continue current CME activities

Collaborate with other health organizations to make clinical and non-clinical education available.
• Identify potential collaborating organizations and overlapping areas of interest and need
• Identify 1-3 IAFP CME products or opportunities that might be of interest to external organizations – with help from leadership

• Conserve resources to provide effective governance, efficient operations, and fiscal transparency
• Continuous review of board travel
• Ensure organizational leadership development for success in AAFP professional leadership development. 
• SMART goals used by Committees and Member Interest Groups
• Those travelling at the behest of IAFP will promptly report back on all relevant meeting sessions
• Annually review budget and reserves to assess Academy’s fiscal survival

Use strategic plan to prioritize among various opportunities
• Coordinate Finance Committee and Board budget review with discussion of mission, vision, and values

Promote affordable pathways to complete post-graduate educational requirements
• Continue partnership with ABFM

Encourage mentoring of volunteer leaders from all member segments; provide wide range of leadership opportunities inside and outside of IAFP.


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