Increasing Depression Screening and Follow Up PI Project

The Illinois Academy of Family Physicians is pleased to announce a custom quality improvement project on Depression Screening and Follow Up managed and overseen by IAFP that meets ABFM Performance Improvement standards and Meaningful Participation requirements. 

AIM: Mental/behavioral health screening rates may have been lowered due to the pandemic, resulting in inconsistency of screening follow up. Participants will aim to improve their practice's depression screening follow up within 30 days.

Description: The Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ) is a self-administered version of the PRIME-MD tool for common mental health disorders administered by health care professionals. This examination addresses 12 different mental health disorders. The PHQ-9 is a diagnostic tool that is specific to depression. 

Submitting Performance Improvement:  Fill out this online survey on completion of your PI cycleIAFP Depression Screening PI -  For your convenience,  you may use this PDF to save your work before completing the final online form.

Please note, this activity end date is 12/20/2024.  All PI cycles must be submitted by this date.


PHQ-9 Resources:

PI Resources:

  • IAFP Depression Screening PI (survey monkey) and PDF (download, and work on PI reporting as you complete it)
  • ABFM PI Webpage
  • Data Collection Tips - The Ohio AFP graciously shared a worksheet of Data Collection Tips for one of their recent PI project. You may find this helpful as you coordinate with your team.
  • Ohio AFP Easy PIa peer-reviewed, curated collection of online educational resources, to support family physicians in completing a self-guided PI project in practice and receive credit for the work they do.