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Full Scope Rural Medicine Small Practice Externship Experience

The student extern will gain experience in all that makes family medicine so fantastic!  Learn how a family practice can do it all for the families in their community.  This externship experience encompasses pre-natal care, labor and delivery including C-sections and all the incredible opportunities of providing comprehensive high quality care in rural Illinois.  You'll work with IAFP board member Kristina Dakis, MD across two sites in Gibson City and Hoopeston, Illinois.  This is an excellent opportunity for a student committed to caring for rural communities or interested in exploring the joys of helping to close the gaps in access to care for rural residents.   You'll also get a glimpse of family medicine's leadership role in the community, especially with advocacy for patient access, public health and reproductive health justice. 

Dates, hours and expectations
This externship must cover four total weeks - with flexible scheduling by agreement with the selected student and preceptor Kristina Dakis, MD.  Starting date would be July 3 or July 10. The day to day schedule will be set by Dr. Dakis before the externship begins.  Extern will be encouraged to join an IAFP Member Interest group with Dr. Dakis, such as Health Equity or Reproductive Health. 

This externship is Family Health Center of Gibson City location with lead preceptor Dr. Dakis and will also include visits to the Gibson Health of Hoopeston Clinic, Gibson Area Hospital and other possibilities as set by the interests of the selected student.  We encourage you to learn more about the clinic before you apply, using the link to FHC of Gibson City above.  Housing will be provided for the selected student.  It is highly recommended that the student have their own car to maximize the flexibility of scheduling, participation in deliveries and other clinic opportunities. 

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