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Immunization / Vaccine Resources from IAFP

Keeping family physicians up to date on immunization resources.

CDC Immunization Schedules

Keep Up the Rates Initiative through NFID- created in response to the COVID-19 pandemic decreasing vaccination rates for all vaccines. It includes handouts, social media samples, and supporting organizations for physicians to utilize to assist in keeping up vaccination rates.
NFID Keep up the Rates Vaccines by Age Highlights

The CDC Pink Book contains comprehensive information on all vaccines and the diseases they prevent. Available online or in print form.

Illinois Vaccine System Information for physicians and Illinois Vaccines for Children information 


VFC Program Requirements and Enrollment Information

Illinois Comprehensive Health Insurance Plan (ICHIP)

Physician Education

IAFP Increasing Vaccine Confidence in Primary Care article

CDC General Best Practices Guidelines for Immunization (CME credit up to 3.5 hours for).

AAFP Quick Reference Influenza Vaccination Guide

AAFP CME Performance Improvement Activity: Increasing Adult Immunization Rates Among African American Communities Earn up to 21 AAFP Prescribed CME credits while with a program focused on strategies to increase adult immunization rates among African American patients.  (Be sure to access it by June 28, 2023)

FPM Journal Supplement Improving Adult Immunization Rates Within Racial and Ethnic Minority Populations 
Part 1
Part 2 

Patient Education

Social Media Messaging for Vaccines

ImmUNITY Chicago 2021 Campaign to help families catch up on missed recommended vaccinations.
Check out ImmUNITY Chicago 2021 Social Media resources 


Shots Immunization App from AAFP

Helpful Articles

AAFP blog on tips to overcome flu vaccine hesitancy

Articles and resources for the seasonal influenza vaccine can be found here.

CDC Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Administration of Selected Routine Childhood and Adolescent Vaccinations


NFID Vaccine Science infographic

NFID Vaccine Safety Infographic