Work on a number of ABFM’s Knowledge Self-Assessment (KSA) activities together with your  peers in a classroom-like setting and get it done more efficiently!

 The IL AFP KSA activity offers a convenient and high-quality solution for your busy schedule to complete the American Board of Family Medicine (ABFM) Maintenance of Certification (MoC)      Knowledge Self-Assessment (KSA).  
  Our Group Study Workshops takes you through the 60 core competency questions to determine the correct answers. After the session, IAFP staff will report your answers directly to the ABFM.

 What is a KSA?


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(Past session) Palliative Care Virtual KSA Series



Cheri Olson, MD
Family Physician & Medical Director, Interstate Postgraduate Medical Association.
Madison, Wisconsin

Noman Shahid, MD
Board certified in family medicine and palliative medicine.
Instructor of Family and Community Medicine, Northwestern Medicine, Fienberg School of Medicine.
Geneva Illinois

James Deming, MD
Assistant Professor of Family Medicine & Consultant in Palliative Medicine, Mayo Clinic Health System
Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Group Study Information

At the group study we will work through all of these questions as a group.  You do not need to prep for this workshop or bring a laptop. Copies of the questions provided by the ABFM will be sent with your Zoom login link. We will plan to cover the entire 20 questions per workshop day. Our main goal is to pass the exam, with an expert speakers offering assistance and background information on each question. First, questions will be displayed giving participants time to respond by poll. Next, the speaker will work through the content of the question and give information based on the references and the group will determine the best answer. All answers will be submitted as a group and individuals will be credited for completion of the knowledge self-assessment.  Questions can be asked throughout the workshop using the chat feature.


ABFM Information
A completed KSA will provide 10 certification points and 8 CME credits toward ABFM certification requirements. Application for live continuing medical education (CME) credit has been filed with the American Academy of Family Physicians. Determination of credit is pending. The certification point system requires that diplomates now accumulate 50 MC-FP points in each stage with completion of at least one Part II activity which is now a KSA instead of a SAM. KSA activities are worth 10 points each and the clinical self-assessment (CSAs) will be valued at 5 points. With the unhinging of the clinical simulation component from the knowledge self-assessment, live group study KSA participants can chose to complete the CSA at a later time of their choosing.
If you have any questions about how many Family Medicine Certification activities are required for you at this time and/or when you need to complete them, the ABFM can assist you (ABFM - 877-223-7437). 
The ABFM will charge a fee to take their test; the amount varies depending on your re-election cycle. This fee is in addition to the cost to participate in our program. You do not need to pay for the KSA activity in advance to earn credit for participation in the program.  After completion of the KSA, if you owe your Family Medicine Certification process fee for the year, you will be prompted to pay this within you ABFM Physician Portfolio in order to receive credit for this activity.