Physician Well-being Member Interest Group

Co-Chairs:  Ellen S. Brull, MD and Michael Caçoilo, MD

Objective: To advance well-being among IAFP member physicians by sharing educational resources and building community.  Dr. Brull and Dr. Caçoilo recently completed the 10-month AAFP Leading Physicians Well-being Series program and would like to share and amplify the information and best practices gained from that program to help and support other IAFP members. They will plan webinars and share tactics to improve morale and enhance our members’ personal health.

Next Meeting: June 25 at 8:15PM 
Click here for the calendar item and Zoom link to join. 

We'll continue discussing A Doctor's Dozen - Lesson 12. Members are welcome to jump into this book club at any point! No worries if you don't get a chance to complete the reading - we'll offer a summary of the chapter and have an informal reflection about it. The photo below shows MIG members Dr. Illarde, Dr. Brull and Dr. Geismar with the author, Dr. Catherine Pipas (2nd from left), at AAFP FMX in October. 

What the MIG does

  • We discussed the benefits of mindfulness, challenges to practicing it, and ways we can incorporate small moments of mindfulness throughout our day (prior to entering a patient room, during lunch, when we feel ourselves being pulled in multiple directions)
  • Health Challenge #1: Practice Mindfulness (see page 25 of A Doctor's Dozen). Join us in committing to practice 10 minutes of mindfulness every day for 30 days. Some of us have shared on the MIG google drive how we plan to incorporate mindfulness into our daily routines - check out our ideas and share your own if you'd like!
  • Prior to starting the Health Challenge above, we encourage you to complete this brief Mindfulness Attention Awareness Scale (also located on the MIG google drive) to get a baseline of your perceived mindfulness at baseline and then reassess after 30 days of your mindfulness practice. Higher scores are associated with higher perceived mindfulness. 

Find resources in the Physician Well-being MIG Google Drive