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IAFP is a year-round presence in Springfield, Chicago, throughout the state and in Congress.  Led by an experienced staff and strategically sound decision-making, IAFP has established a respected voice in government affairs.  The Government Relations committee and Legislative Action Team work in tandem with staff and our contracted lobbying firm to steer the Academy's activities and maintain solid relationships with lawmakers at all levels in both parties.  IAFP works with the executive branch in the implementation of health care reform and in the ongoing challenges of serving the diverse needs of our patients.

Ongoing Lobbying 
We are informed, engaged and acting on your behalf at all times.  IAFP contracts with Cook-Witter, Inc., in Springfield,  an experienced and respected lobbying firm representing many not-for-profit organizations.  Stay informed of our issues on the Government Relations page

IAFP and AAFP have long supported health care coverage for all.  The enactment of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) has allowed for the implementation of numerous strategies for expanding health care coverage, improving health care delivery, and supporting primary care.  Payers and patients alike are looking for better value in health with better quality at lower costs.  Primary care and family medicine are on the forefront of this shift because access to primary care leads to superior health outcomes and decreased costs.

Spring Into Action
In non-election years, IAFP hosts several one-day events in Springfield bringing family physicians, residents and students together for a morning of education and training, followed by an afternoon at the Statehouse meeting with legislators on current bills and family medicine priorities.  Learn more and join us!

Action Alerts
We provide timely information and links for action on state and federal issues, making it easy for members to contact lawmakers on important issues under debate.

IAFP staff will work directly with motivated members to connect with and educate their elected officials on family medicine issues important to them and their communities. 

Representation on Boards, Task Forces and Initiatives 
IAFP staff and seasoned leaders represent you on the State Board of Health, in state and local government posts, coalitions, task forces and committees making decisions that affect physicians and patients.  Through our work, YOU have a seat at every table.  

Some of our Government Relations Successes:

  • Defining medical home programs led by family physicians and pediatricians with payment models rewarding primary care services.
  • Protection and extension of the Medical Practice Act.
  • Intervention on scope of practice expansion legislative efforts by non-physician providers.
  • Changes to required school vaccine schedule and rule to increase immunization coverage and effectiveness.
  • We are leaders in the fight for Smoke-free Illinois, higher tobacco taxes and public policies aimed at reducing tobacco use across the spectrum
  • Expansion of Medicaid coverage to ensure payment to family physicians who already care for these vulnerable patients.

Your contacts for advocacy are:

Gordana Krkic, CAE
Deputy Executive Vice President of External Affairs
[email protected] and 630-427-8007

Cook-Witter, Inc. www.cook-witter.com


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