The IAFP provides unmatched continuing medical education programs (CME), developed by family physicians for family physicians.  We are the place to go to help maintain your ABFM MoC and licensure by offering evidence-based education.  We continuously assess our members' needs to provide timely, relevant topics geared toward the family physician.

Online Education
IAFP has an extensive and growing library of free online CME modules at  In addition to CME, we also offer patient education through info-graphics, brochures, and videos.  Our CME committee and experienced staff work with organizations and funders to develop timely, evidence-based curriculum, with tools for instant implementation in practice.

Live Education
IAFP offers various avenues to receive live CME throughout the year, whether it involves logging into a live online webinar or joining colleagues in person at one of our conferences.

Maintenance of Certification
IAFP offers several workshops through the year to help physicians through the ABFM's Knowledge Self-Assessment (KSA's).  These workshops provide family physicians with a local opportunity to complete these required modules in a lively, interactive, half-day seminar or online through a virtual live KSA group study.

Partnership and Collaboration
IAFP works with our primary care colleagues in pediatrics, OB-GYN, internal medicine, subspecialty partners, public health departments and our family medicine residencies to provide the information, tools and learning opportunities for today's and tomorrow's family physicians in all areas of the state.  Together, we deliver cutting edge web based and live CME events for primary care physicians to better serve their patients in our changing health care delivery systems. 

Support & Exhibit Opportunities

Speaker Opportunities

Education Staff
Kate Valentine
Vice President of Education and Meetings
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Desma Rozovics
Vice President of Business Development
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Sara Ortega
Education and Accreditation Manager
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