Obesity Resource Center

IAFP Resources
Blog Post from Dr. Naomi Parrella on Obesity, Diabetes and CV Risk
5-Minute video on ways to address obesity in your practice
IAFP webinar on Managing Obesity During COVID-19 
Family Health Foundation of Illinois Health Lifestyle Initiative resources
IAFP Food is Medicine Member Interest Group 

AAFP Resources
Patient Education - FamilyDoctor.org

Partner in Health

Rethink Obesity

*Educational grant support provided for IAFP's Obesity education and outreach
30 and 60-second PSAs about Obesity and COVID-19 that you can share! 
Patient information (.pdf files) to download and share

Other Resources
World Obesity Day is March 4
ObesityAction - grassroots organization to raise awareness of obesity, access to care, weight bias.  Includes a resource center on weight bias to use in your education programs. 
PubMed.gov:  "Reframing the early childhood obesity prevention narrative through and equitable nurturing approach." January 2021
Chicago Sun-Times columnist Laura Washington - Feb 28 - Pandemic makes obvious another health threat - Obesity

Healthy Eating Resources:
Choosing Your Veggies
Carbohydrate Considerations
Holiday recipes from the Diet Doctor - from appetizers, main dishes, sides, sauces, desserts and drinks all in one place!
Sample food log you can use to track eating patterns
Midwest Dairy Association - Dairy Nutrition information

Nutrition Counseling for Medicare beneficiaries Medicare covers personal nutritional counseling for people with diabetes. Only registered dietitians are covered under the Medicare benefit. 
Bariatric Surgery: A Perspective for Primary Care  
Intermittent Fasting - How to begin