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General inquiries:  [email protected]  
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Members:  Have a question for the president?  Email [email protected]  

Question about the web site?  Contact Ginnie Flynn.

Main Phone number:  331-318-0680 and then each staff member has a direct extension listed below


Gordana Krkic, CAE CEO and Chief Advocacy Officer Ext. 22# and [email protected]

Jennifer O'Leary  CEO and Chief Financial Officer, Executive Director, Family Health Foundation of Illinois Ext. 23#  and [email protected]

Ginnie Flynn Vice President of Communications & Member Engagement Ext. 21# and [email protected]

Kate Valentine Vice President of Education and Meetings Ext. 24# and [email protected]

Desma Rozovics Vice President of Business Development  Ext. 20# and [email protected]

Sara Ortega Education and Accreditation Manager Ext. 25# and [email protected]

IAFP is also home of the Family Medicine Midwest Foundation - our staff can help you. 

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