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Contact Us

IAFP is also home of the Family Medicine Midwest Foundation - our staff can help you. 

Main Phone number:  630-435-0257 or 800-826-7944 Fax: 630-559-0739

Members: if you have a question or need help, start with Deputy Executive Vice President Jennifer O'Leary

General inquiries:  [email protected] or view our policy on surveying our membership

Members:  Have a question for the president?  Email [email protected] 

Question about the web site?  Contact Ginnie Flynn.


Vincent D. Keenan, CAE  Executive Vice President and Executive Director, Family Medicine Midwest Foundation  630-427-8002 and [email protected]

I can help with: Board of Directors information, Bylaws, Member Interest Groups, Family Medicine Midwest Foundation

Gordana Krkic, CAE Deputy EVP for External Affairs 630-427-8007 and [email protected]

I can help with: Government relations, policy and advocacy, Women in Leadership Member Interest Group

Jennifer O'Leary  Deputy EVP for Internal Affairs and also Executive Director, Family Health Foundation of Illinois 630-427-8001 and [email protected]

I can help with: Membership issues, member questions or problems, Human Resources, Finance, Payments or Receivables. 

Ginnie Flynn Vice President of Communications 630-427-8004 and [email protected]

I can help with:  Media relations, Family Physician newsletter, member communications, Social Media channels (Twitter and Facebook) IAFP Awards, Tar Wars, Student and Resident programming, website content, advertising, Family Medicine Midwest residency fair.

Kate Valentine Vice President of Education and Meetings 630-427-8000 and [email protected]

I can help with: Development or dissemination of education programs and topics, Annual Meeting, Family Medicine Midwest, Essential Evidence Conferences, KSA’s, and CME Connections.

Diana Hernandez Director of Foundation and Membership 630-427-8006 and [email protected]

I can help with:  Meeting registrations, Membership transfers, IAFP Foundation donations, Family Medicine Midwest donations, Family Medicine Midwest student scholarships

Desma Rozovics Vice President of Business Development 630-427-8005 and [email protected]

I can help with: external relationship management and outreach, connecting with companies/organizations/partners to help fund education and advocacy efforts, submitting grant/charitable applications, event sponsorship and exhibits.

Sara Ortega Education and Accreditation Manager 630-427-8008 and [email protected]

I can help with: IAFP and Family Medicine Midwest Abstract/presentation submissions, Committee sign up, Safe Prescriber Program, CME Certificates

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