Reproductive Health Care MIG

Co-Chiars: Tabatha Wells, MD and Kristina Dakis, MD

This MIG has the following goals
1) providing comprehensive reproductive health and maternity care services and incorporating these services into their practices
2) advocating for patient access to comprehensive, evidence-based reproductive health and maternity care in Illinois
3) mentorship of Illinois medical students and residents interested in careers caring for women and their children

2019 Activities

  • We will be meeting at the IAFP annual meeting on Saturday October 19, 2019 at 10am
    Current AAFP President Dr. Cullen will be at the IAFP meeting and will be present at our meeting.  You can register here!

  • The Reproductive Health Act was signed into law by Governor Pritzker! Dr. Wells testified before the house appropriations committee on the bill at the end of May. She also wrote a blog post on it for IAFP. You can read it here
  • The MIG will co-host a Med-AB workshop in the fall with the Reproductive Health Access Project. Details to come. It may be multi-site to include Chicago, Springfield, and others.

  • If you are attending FMX this year make sure to attend all of the repro health topics! There are more than ever due to all of the national MIG advocacy and due to so much of the membership requesting it!

  • NCCL update! So many wonderful resolutions were passed! A summary of some of the resolutions that some of you may be interested in are below. You can see all of them here (clinic on reference committee report
    --Paid Family leave --AAFP will partner with ACOG and related stakeholders in position papers to defend access to safe and legal abortion, AAFP will support the right of family physicians to provide medication abortions and oppose legislation restricting access
    --AAFP adapt the California toolkit to assist family doctors in caring for immigrant families and families separate at borders
    --publicly oppose any law which would criminalize physicians for providing abortion care 
    --advocate against state interference in the teaching and training of medical students and residents in the practice of evidence based medical services 
    --break time for nursing mothers 
    --opportunities for gender affirming care in residencies 
    --lactation accommodations at ABFM testing centers
    --advocate and support the importance of residency and fellowship training in maternity care 
    --initiative to raise awareness of family medicine's role in addressing and preventing sexual harassment (this was illinois' resolution! brought by the women in leadership MIG) 
    --eliminate race based medicine
    --gender affirming care for youth
    --implicit bias training
    --addressing "stealthing" as a form of sexual assault
    --increase food equity
    --gender neutral language in AAFP publications
    --sexual orientation and gender identity data collection in EHR
    --oppose legislation of MD-patient decision making in child and adolescent gender affirming care
    --increasing family-centeredness at AAFP meetings
    --facilitating gender pronouns on name tags at all AAFP events
    --AAFP setup a committee that will study barriers preventing family physicians from obtaining operative and non-operative obstetric privileges and advocate/lobby to hospital systems/administrators and malpractice insurers that family physicians are capable of practicing obstetrics
    --education on anal cancer screening
    --opposition of restrictive covenants (this one specifically came about from repro health MIG because many members are restricted from moonlighting as abortion providers by their primary places of employment)
    --PREP and PEP education/CME for providers
  • If you are not a member of the AAFP reproductive health MIG please consider joining