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Lifestyle Medicine MIG

AAFP Food Is Health Pilot Improves Patients' Diabetes Markers

AAFP Lifestyle Medicine Resources - Tools for incorporating lifestyle strategies in treating chronic conditions

Community Engaged Lifestyle Medicine approaches features the Illinois' Diabetes Undone program lead by our MIG chair Dr. Christina Wells. All of IAFP's resources, including CME webinars are on the Diabetes Undone center and the Lifestyle Medicine Webinar Series 

MIG Events

Sound Bites - Feb. 16 Webinar hosted by Student Leader Jill Thiede, RD, LDN and MIG chair Dr. Wells - Link to the recording 
Link to the slides and some additional resources in this Google Folder,

From and Illinois Residency Program:  Cooking Up Health:  Academic-Community Collaboration to Teach Nutrition Education Journal of Graduate Medical Education. 

Resources recommended by MIG Members

The Lifestyle Medicine Residency Curriculum (LMRC)
From the American College of Lifestyle Medicine

National Strategy for on Hunger, Nutrition and Health

Meals everyone can enjoy

Teaching Kitchen Collaborative, Inc.

Heart Disease - Boost Heart Health with a Plant-Based Diet from Physicians Committee for Responsible Health

Plant Based Nutrition Movement
UI-Pilsen Food Pantry (Chicago)
Northwestern University - Feinberg Culinary Medicine Elective Course Partnership with Osher Center for Integrative Health (includes a Train the Trainer program)
Ardmore Institute of Health for Grants and Resources
4Leaf Program - moving towards more plant based foods in calorie consumption (includes a 4Leaf 12-question survey tool)
Full Plate Living - join for free and access nutrition programs and recipes
Gaples Institute with programs for nutrition and lifestyle changes