Adult Obesity Collaborative and Referral Initiative (AOCRI)

Welcome to the Adult Obesity Collaborative & Referral Initiative or AOCRI.  This program has been developed by the IAFP through an unrestricted grant from Curves/Jenny Craig, Inc. It involves the creation of a community of family physician learners, who are interested in improving their skills in obesity counseling and in caring for overweight and obese adults in general. As a member of AOCRI, you will have the opportunity to participate in a pilot program which involves an interactive web-based courses and ongoing communications and updates about obesity and caring for overweight and obese individuals in Illinois. These updates will include, for example, information on the changing landscape of insurance coverage for obesity-related services.

The overall goals of the program are as follows:
  • To assemble a community of primary care physician learners with an interest in improving care for overweight, obesity, and related co-morbidities.
  • To engage the learning community in an educational program designed to enhance skills in diagnosis, evaluation, and management of obesity and related conditions.
  • To incorporate the educational program into a comprehensive effort (Weight Management in Primary Care) to improve the quality of care for overweight and obesity among adults.
  • To evaluate the impact of Weight Management in Primary Care upon health care delivery and patient-oriented outcomes
Goals 3 and 4 are long-term goals. For our pilot program, we will focus upon goals 1 and 2.

How do I participate?
We are asking that you complete the following tasks:

  • Log onto the IAFP Education website to view the education module.
  • Complete a pre-course survey about weight management practices online as part of the AOCRI course (found in module 1)
  • Complete viewing 5 video modules (each 30-45 minutes long), and associated brief, 10-question pre and post-tests.
  • Complete a post-course survey (found in module 5)
  • Agree to remain part of the collaborative, through which you will receive updated scientific and practice information about obesity, and additional educational information powered by Jenny Craig.  You will also be asked periodically about your obesity care and referral activities. This information will be sent and collected in a way so as not be burdensome. Providing information on a regular basis is not a requirement to belong to the collaborative
The learning modules* in the AOCRI are:
  • Overview of new obesity guidelines ( a description of guideline recommendations with strategies for implementation in family medicine)
  • Initial discussions around weight loss (tips and strategies for raising the issue of weight with patients and beginning obesity counseling)
  • Motivational interviewing for weight management in primary care (an overview and key skills in motivational interviewing, a useful tool for obesity counseling)
  • Exercise, Obesity and the Pyramid Approach (how to identify and recommend weight loss programs and services for your patients)
  • Coding for Obesity Diagnosis and Management (concrete, up-to-date information on how to bill and code for the weight management services you provide together with an overview of the related insurance landscape in Illinois).

* The Adult Obesity Collaborative and Referral Initiative program is NOT eligible for continuing medical education credit.

Questions? Please direct enrollment questions to Kate Valentine at IAFP ([email protected]), 630-427-8000

Sponsored by Illinois Academy of Family Physicians. Funded with a grant from Curves/JennyCraig
We sincerely hope you will join the Collaborative and participate in this exciting new approach to physician education. We are confident that you will find it interesting and rewarding.