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IAFP Advertising and Promotional Support Policies

All advertisements and promotional support agreements with the Illinois Academy of Family Physicians (IAFP) must be of related interest to the membership. This information serves only as a guideline and does not guarantee that an advertisement or support request will be approved. The IAFP reserves the right to reject any advertisement or promotional support request. The acceptance of an advertisement or support does not constitute a guarantee or endorsement of the product or service by the IAFP.

Our member communications and advertising options:

  • Illinois Family Physician magazine (published quarterly) Link to more information, including schedule and ad rates
  • E-News email blast newsletter every two weeks –  Events and  other promotion for inclusion ($500 per issue) will be considered on a case-by case-basis.  Contact Ginnie Flynn to submit an ad for consideration.  Limited to 150 words and can include your logo and website links.
  • Partner in Health - 12-month agreement tailored to your needs and providing the ultimate flexibility.  Contact Desma Rozovics for information. 
  • Website Widget – click here for rates and sizing requirements. Website ads appear in a rotation on the Learn More About section on the right side of all live www.iafp.com web pages.

Guidelines for advertisers, promotional support and exhibitors
Products and services eligible for advertising, promotional support  and exhibit opportunities must be relevant to at least one of the following categories:

  1. Practice of Medicine: Meet the standards of generally accepted medical practice or relevant to the clinical practice of medicine. 
  2. Practice Management: Relevant to the socioeconomic practice of medicine or enabling physicians to run more efficient practices. 
  3. Quality of Life: Relevant to the lifestyle issues and opportunities presented to family physicians
  • Products that require approval by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for marketing must receive such approval before being eligible for advertising or support opportunities. Any advertising or support for these products must include full disclosure when required. It is the responsibility of the advertiser to conform to regulations of the FDA and all legal requirements for the content of claims made about the product.
  • Continuing medical education (CME) courses, seminars, and conferences are eligible for advertisement. If CME accreditation is advertised, the type of credit for which the educational activity is approved must be specified.
  • Products for nutritional supplements and vitamin preparations are not eligible for advertisement/support unless they are approved for marketing by the FDA or their efficacy and safety are substantiated by clinical studies acceptable to the IAFP—generally, these are U.S. studies published in mainstream U.S. medical journals.
  • General-purpose foods such as bread, meats, fruits, and vegetables are eligible for advertisement/support. Only diet programs prescribed and managed by physicians may be eligible for advertisement/support.
  • Institutions that employ family physicians or provide support or for physicians, residents or medical students.  The Illinois Academy of Family Physicians has a Career Center for showcasing individual physician openings. 
  • Institutions or organizations that provide evidence-based patient education or support services that family physicians can use in practice.

Tobacco products, gaming, cannabis, firearms and alcoholic beverages are not eligible for advertisement, promotional support or exhibiting. Advertising that promotes products or services that are illegal under state or federal statute are not accepted.



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