Advertising on our website

IAFP has one size option for website advertising.

 Square Ad (must be 200 pixels wide)

 Contact Ginnie Flynn for assistance and rate information and assistance in placing your ad or click here to apply onlineIAFP cannot accept classified ads for specific open positions, but can showcase workplaces.




"Learn More About" Widget

Your square ad will appear on the IAFP home page and on all pages underneath the Quick Links and above the Upcoming Events widget (to the right under "Learn more about").  The ads change as the user navigates through the web site. Your ad will be a clickable hyperlink to your website.  You have the ability to choose the following options to gain the visibility you wish.

6-months - $600 
1 year - $1000

1.    Length of term on the web site: Quarter must begin on the calendar quarter. Monthly begins at the first day of the month, Year is on a 12-month schedule from the first day of the first month following payment of contract.
2.    Option for Premium Position in the rotation (this is available to only one ad at a time, first-come first-served and with an extra $100 premium)

Specific Event advertising (static image with a hyperlink)
Event supporters may have website advertising as a feature of their sponsorship package of live IAFP conferences.
*Family Medicine Midwest Foundation and  the related FMM Conference are under a separate organization and require a separate agreement directly with the Family Medicine Midwest Foundation.

Member Perks page is reserved for companies with a specific member benefit agreement with IAFP.  Contact Jennifer O’Leary for more information about a member benefits partnership agreement

Partners in Health requires a separate full year contract with IAFP - Contact Desma Rozovics