September 19, 2018
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Statement attributed to Santina Wheat, MD – IAFP board of directors, Chicago
Support for proposal to Protect Youth from Vaping and Tobacco Products


Illinois family physicians commend Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Chicago Department of Public Health for their continued efforts to stem nicotine use among our youth.  Teens are particularly prone to experiment with these electronic cigarettes and JUULs.  Meanwhile the tobacco industry continues to sweet talk young people with tasty flavors and slick advertising which leads them to believe these devices are harmless.

These products contain high concentrations of nicotine and other harmful chemicals.  It’s highly unlikely that teens know the facts about these products as physicians and researchers do.

Nicotine use and addiction can have serious consequences on the developing adolescent brain.  Raising the price tag with tax increases is a proven strategy to discourage youth access.  Placing those products behind the counter also helps to prevent unlawful sales.

Chicago has been a leader in cutting youth smoking rates.  Research has concluded that NO electronic smoking device is safe.  This is the next threat to our kids; and we are ready to protect them with strong policies and continued education.  We urge the City Council to pass this law without delay.