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Illinois Academy of Family Physicians Statement

Javette C. Orgain, MD, MPH, FAAFP – Past-President
December 12, 2019

I am Dr. Javette Orgain, a past president of the Illinois Academy of Family Physicians, with over 5,000 members throughout the state. Thank you, Attorney General Raoul for the opportunity to join you today.

We have a dangerous vaping problem spreading throughout our schools, playgrounds and neighborhoods. Despite urgent calls from members of Congress, including from those in Illinois, federal action remains stalled.

Mint and menthol products have been specifically marketed to the black community for decades. Our physician members in 

those communities will tell you – menthol was and still is the hook that got people started and keeps them addicted. Juul has used the same playbook with added flavors and is the most widely used vaping product, especially among youth. 

We are seeing a repeat of the same false messaging that big tobacco used for decades to deceive the public and addict people to their harmful products. In comparison, Juul benefited from the virtually unlimited reach of the Internet and social media to fuel and spread their false claims and slick sales pitches directly to kids.

The truth is: there is no valid scientific study demonstrating that e-cigarettes are effective at helping smokers quit. Vaping is not a “safe alternative to smoking.” We have evidenced-based proven cessation services and products that can help patients make a permanent break from nicotine. 

The Illinois Academy of Family Physicians affirms the position that there is no safe level of nicotine and does not support the use of any tobacco or nicotine product, aside from FDA-approved cessation medications.

The CDC has declared vaping a crisis. Volunteer efforts from the industry and retailers will not reverse this trend. Thank you, Attorney General Raoul and all the leaders in this state who advocate against false promises of vaping and stand up for a healthier future. We will continue to work with advocates in policy, education and treatment to break the cycle of nicotine addiction.


Media contact: Ginnie Flynn [email protected] and 630-427-8004

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