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State Issues

IAFP Supported SB 3011 (Sen. John Mulroe) - raising the age to purchase tobacco to 21 statewide. IAFP appreared at the press conference announcing the bill on 2/18/16.  Read our statement and  Download a fact sheet. Check out of IAFP Op-Ed in the State Journal Register (March 9, 2016). The bill passed out of the Senate, but did not advance out of the House committee.  Thank you to Michael Owolabi, MD, MPH, SIU-Springfield resident member for testifying in committee today on behalf of IAFP!. Read his testimony here.

Contraception Coverage Building on state and federal law, H.B. 5576 clarifies the Affordable Care Act to improve access to the full range of contraceptive options for all individuals with health insurance. IAFP is in support and listed on the fact sheet hereThe bill has passed has passed both chambers and was signed by the governor in late July.  Read the  organizational letter urging Gov. Rauner to sign the bill.

Step Therapy – HB 3549 amends the Managed Care Reform and Patients’ Rights Act to apply provisions to all health plans licensed in the state, including coverage on the Marketplace Exchange, in accordance to the Affordable Care Act.  IAFP is part of the coalition supporting this initiative (link to a fact sheet)The bill passed both chambers and was signed into law.  You can read our  organizational letter urging Gov. Rauner to sign the bill. 

IAFP supports physical education in Illinois schools.  Read the  organizational letter asking the General Assembly to oppose any legislation to allow schools to opt-out of PE requirements. 


Changes to Vaccine for Kids (VFC) program could leave thousands of kids with fewer vaccine options!  Read the  Crain's story Read our  co-signed letter to IDPH. A  September 30 IDPH Provider Notice gives an option for providers outlining an option for an eight-week transition period.  CHICAGO PROVIDERS read  this update memo.  Check out the current list of local health departments to find out who will serve CHIP enrollees.

IAFP and the Illinois Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics (ICAAP) submitted a  joint letter to the Joint Commission on Administrative Rules (JCAR) in April 2016 to support of the administrative rules on securing a certificate of religious exemption for childhood and college immunization requirements.  As JCAR is set to meet in January 2017, IAFP submitted an  updated letter on Dec. 12, 2016 calling for JCAR to approve the rules as sumbitted by IDPH. 


Issues of Interest

IAFP Submitted a  letter to the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules (JCAR) on August 5, 2015 with concerns over the proposed regulations for sale and distribution of raw milk.

 Oppose SB 661 Mandated Hepatitis C Screening.  IAFP opposes mandated screening as the bill would apply to all patients born between 1945 and 1965. IAFP submitted a  letter to Gov. Rauner on July 24, 2015 urging him to veto SB 661, the Hepatitis C Screening Act.  The governor vetoed the bill in August and an attempt to override the veto in September failed


  Immunizations:  SB1410 preserves a parent's option to exempt their child from immunizations, but also ensures that such a decision is an informed one and that the parent is aware of the individual and public health risks of choosing not to immunize their child. IAFP and ICAAP sent a  joint letter to Gov. Rauner urging his signature.  He signed the bill into law on Aug. 3, 2015.   Read the IDPH Press Release.  


 Medical Reserve Corps Liability Protection: SB1498  HB2628.  These bills give Volunteer Medical Reserve Corps members liability protection when assisting a local health department. This is an important step towards ensuring trained professional are able to assist their communities


The Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services has posted a Provider Notice to the Physicians Provider Notices page. You may view the Physicians Provider Notices page from the link below.

The cuts will be applied to all physician services except those specific codes or serviced protected by the Memiovski suit. Attached is the original HFS notice for the Memiovski rates. Hospital and mental health services will be exempt from reductions. Details of the cuts to various agencies come about a month after lawmakers approved legislation to close a $1.6 billion budget gap in the FY15 budget.  No word yet on how this will impact current negotiations on the FY16 budget beginning July 1.  Read the IAFP Medicaid statement that has been shared with all Assembly Members.