Match 2019

To meet goal of 25x2030 (25% of U.S. graduates matching into family medicine), the arrow will need to start pointing up more, after a relatively flat 2019 Match. Given that we’ve entered a new era with the final AOA Match in 2019 and the beginning of single accreditation for programs, and a new membership structure at AAFP, the data sets of the past are not comparable to 2019. Here is a summary of the 2019 Match from the state and national levels.

National Analysis: Link to AAFP National Match information 
The NRMP does not differentiate U.S. osteopathic medical school (DO) seniors or graduates in the advance data tables it publishes on Match Day, preventing calculation of total U.S. students and graduates matching to family medicine residencies. When combining results of the 2018 NRMP and AOA Matches, a total of 2,975 U.S. seniors or graduates matched in family medicine, representing 12.6% of all U.S. students or graduates matched, far off the goal of at least 25% by 2030.

In the 2019 NRMP Match:

  • Family medicine* offered 12.8% and filled 12.6% of the total positions
  • The fill rate for U.S. MD seniors in family medicine was 39.2%
  • Matched 31 fewer U.S. MD seniors (1,617 vs. 1,648)
  • Had an overall fill rate of 93.2%, down from 96.7% the year prior and the lowest fill rate since 2010
  • Had an historical low fill rate for U.S. MD seniors (39.2%; 45.1% in 2018)
  • Offered 12.8% of all positions in the Match (12% in 2018)
  • Matched 9.1% of all U.S. MD seniors in the Match (9.3% in 2018) -this is the first “downturn” after ten years of slight increases.

*Includes family medicine-categorical, plus combined programs: emergency medicine-family medicine, family medicine-osteopathic neuromusculoskeletal medicine, family medicine-preventive medicine, and psychiatry-family medicine.

2019 AOA Family Medicine Results
The AOA Intern/Resident Registration Program (AOA Match), which matched 886 graduating osteopathic medical students in February 2019. Historically, this program matched students into graduate medical education programs that were either solely accredited by the AOA or are dually accredited by the AOA and the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME). However, 2019 marked the final AOA Match as all programs are transitioning to ACGME accreditation and had significantly fewer participating programs and students as many shifted to the NRMP Match. The United States is the only country that trains osteopathic physicians, so the AOA Match does not include international medical graduates.

In the 2019 AOA Match, family medicine residency programs:

  • Offered 467 positions, down 346 from 2018
  • Matched 306* osteopathic medical students, down 199 from 505 in 2018
  • Matched 38.6% of students matching, significantly higher than the proportion of family medicine matches through the NRMP Match
  • Had a fill rate of 65.5%

Illinois Medical School Campuses
After years of gradual incline, the 2019 Match brought a slight dip of the total number and percentage of Illinois allopathic medical school graduates matching into family medicine (from 9.3% to 9.0% this year). The net result was a true mixed bag of some schools experiencing great increases while other saw a drop in the number of students matching family medicine. Fewer Illinois family medicine graduates matched with Illinois programs, down seven from last year (44 to 37). 

Off shore school IL AFP members
Starting in January, any non-US medical school student who listed an address in Illinois was added to our membership. We have no way to officially track their Match, but have sent out a short online form to all Illinois student members graduating in 2019, inviting then to share their match results.

Transitional Members
As of January, AAFP opened a 2-year Transitional membership category for medical school graduates that have not yet matched. IAFP has 53 transitional members.

Illinois Family Medicine Match Results
Two new programs joined the match this year. MercyHealth in Rockford and Northwestern McGaw at Delnor Hospital in Geneva. As of Match day, both programs were filled, bringing 20 new family medicine residents to our state - Congratulations!
Overall 207/212 (98%, above the National average) positions were filled via the NRMP Match, with all positions filled by the end of the SOAP process.

Nicole Paprocki (Right) shows off her MatchSome highlights to share

  • Ten out of 11 Mentor Connection participants in the Match matched to Family Medicine, with the one remaining student matching pediatrics at Rush.
  • Our Public Health Intern, Transitional Member (and UIC graduate) Kevin Chang, MD, MPH matched to the University of Chicago NorthShore Family Medicine Residency.
  • Our Family Medicine Midwest student board member, Nicole Paprocki (CCOM), matched to the Northwestern McGaw Family Medicine Residency Program at Erie Family Health Center.
  • IAFP student board member Emma Richardson (Rush) matched to the Family Medicine Residency at Contra Costa, in California.