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Careers in FQHCs

From the FPs in FQHCs Member Interest Group

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Update after the AAFP DPC Summit

Direct Primary Care MIG Blog - July 2019

I am happy to report for the Direct Primary Care (DPC) MIG, fresh from the camaraderie of the AAFP’s DPC Summit, which was June 28-30 in Rosemont. It was so energizing, educational and yes, entertaining, to be among “my people,” those who are “DPC docs,” and those who are considering or already planning to build a DPC practice of their own.

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My Journey in Reproductive Care Advocacy

 “With a vote of 34 yeas, 20 nays, and three present, Senate Bill 25 Passes.” Access to safe and legal abortion would remain a protected right in Illinois, even as women’s health care rights continue to crumble all around us in other states. SB 25, specifically House Amendment 1, established the Reproductive Health Act. 

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