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The Family Physician’s Role in Dismantling Systemic Racism

As family medicine physicians and members of society, we grieve the death of George Floyd. His death, along with the deaths of hundreds of black people killed by police officers each year, is a tragic reminder of the unjust treatment of African Americans in our country. The protests across the world are a response to this event and the many injustices suffered by black people at the hands of institutions that hold power in our country.

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I struggle with pride in the profession and fear of the health care system

(Editor's Note) This blog originally appeared on on March 1.  Dr. Wheat has given her permission to re-post here

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A Career Alongside Family Physicians

I celebrated 30 years of working with and for you in 2019. Here are just a few wise sayings I have learned from various past presidents along the way:
Never, ever give up asking someone if they are ready to change (to quit smoking, to lose weight, to increase exercise, to eat healthier). The next time you do may be the catalyst for change. Stephen Rittmann, MD
See the possibilities in everyone you meet. Carolyn Lopez, MD
You or your replacement will get this done. Bruce Steffens, MD
When things seem bleak and without hope, remember there is as much energy around in dark times as in bright times. Michael Brummer, MD

I think family medicine chose me and I responded in 1989 when I joined IAFP. I chose a new personal physician, William Hulesch, MD, an IAFP and Foundation past president. He continues to care for my family throughout all our patient and ‘no-so-patient’ health adventures. I was in the office of another past president, Raymond Weber, MD, when I received the call that my wife, Patty and I, were approved to adopt our second child.
I’ve been blessed to observe you in practice, from circumcisions to C-sections to daily practice. The framework of my journey as your chapter executive is much like the Academy’s motto: Devoted to Advocacy, Education and Action.

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AAFP National Conference Delegate Reports

Resident Delegate Report

Audrey Hertenstein Perez, MD
PGY-2 West Suburban Medical Center FMRP
IAFP Resident President Elect 2019

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