Option for Donating Your Required Minimum Distribution 

We need your help to sustain and grow the Foundation to continue its programming. Investments in our foundation by our members also help us secure additional matching grant funding from outside organizations.

Once you reach the age of 70 ½, if you own an IRA or other qualified retirement plan, you must begin taking the Required Minimum Distribution (RMD). If you are interested in a tax strategy through gifts of support, you can donate that some or all your RMD to the Family Health Foundation of Illinois and support our 2019 programs. A Qualified Charitable Distribution is an otherwise taxable distribution from a retirement account owned by an individual age 70.5 or older. The funds are paid directly from your IRA to a qualified charity of your choice. The annual limit is $100,000 per person. This donation strategy will benefit you!
1) Helps satisfy your annual required minimum distribution (RMD) up to the amount you gift.
2) Allows you to give from a pre-tax asset and your distribution is excluded from taxable income.
3) Helps avoid limits on charitable deductions and prevents you from being pushed into a higher tax bracket.
4) Simplifies the giving process. It’s easy - just notify your IRA or plan custodian.
You can choose to direct your Qualified Charitable Distribution to the Family Health Foundation of Illinois at the address above. If you are in a position where you don’t need to KEEP your required minimum distribution, consider our foundation as a place to GIVE and invest in the future of family medicine.

Thank you for your support of FHFI and your membership in the Illinois Academy of Family Physicians. Direct any questions to Jennifer O’Leary, Foundation executive director at [email protected].

Last Updated on Friday, November 22, 2019 10:23 AM