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Ascension Resurrection Family Medicine Residency

7447 W. Talcott Ave. Suite 182 Chicago, IL 60631 (view map)


Website: https://medicaleducation.ascension.org/illinois-family-residency-resurrection

Coordinator:  Marcia Mallerdino [email protected]

Number of Slots: 6             Fellowships: Sports Medicine & Palliative Care

The Resurrection Family Medicine Residency Program, established over 30 years ago, continues to produce exemplary family docs that serve local Chicago communities and families all over the country.

Being located in one of America's greatest cities, we have the unique opportunity to treat patients of all cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds. This diverse training experience teaches our residents not only the skills necessary to diagnose and treat disease, but how to inspire quality of life in their patients. We value our patients and the opportunity to serve them.

Our Family Medicine Residency Program is a true family, with dedicated faculty and staff committed to teaching residents and students in a kind, supportive environment.

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