To start this weekly update, I want to pause and recognize the powerful and tragic events that are taking place across our state and country.  Witnessing these protests, in person or through the media, can generate many different emotions: from sadness, to anger, to pain.  Or you might still be processing your emotions -- and that is okay.  I pray for the safety of everyone, as we struggle to find peace and purpose in the wake of unspeakable tragedy and pain.  The video showing the arrest and inhumane death of George Floyd in Minneapolis has shaken our entire nation. IAFP stands in solidarity with AAFP’s strong statement from President Gary LeRoy, MD opposing racism in any form. 

It is also disheartening to see that some protests turned destructive, with looting and rioting by opportunists who use this tragedy for personal gain.  We support those communities who are suffering.  It is important to stand united as a nation, for we are all Americans, and we can get through this tragic time together.  I urge you to reach out to your patients, coworkers, friends and family during this difficult time.  We need to support each other, alongside our patients and their communities.  

IAFP is part of Family Medicine Midwest.  Two FMM board members in Minneapolis saw their Family Medicine Residency clinic ransacked and looted on Friday.  Now they are providing virtual visits and distributing food, diapers and medicine to all those in need from their parking lot.  (Facebook link here) I encourage you to learn more about their amazing spirit.

Upcoming live events

AAFP weekly Town Hall tonight. Join via Facebook,YouTube or Twitter at 7p.m. CT. Approved for 1 CME credit.  Learn more here.  Tonight they are joined by U.S. Representatives Ami Bera, MD (D-CA) and Phil Roe, MD (R-TN) to discuss federal legislative activity around primary care and COVID-19.

IAFP’s Practice Management Thursday - June 4 at 8 p.m. CT - Community Health Workers as Pandemic Health Workers. Click here to register 

IAFP’s Clinical Tuesday - June 9 at 8 p.m. CT - Exercising Active Advice Amid the COVID-19 Quarantine Click here to register

News and Updates

AAFP’s “Week of Action” is all this week: Urge Congress to StabilizeStrengthen, and Sustain primary care. To illustrate each “S” in that directive, the AAFP has prepared detailed, data-driven talking points and backgrounders for participants, along with sample tweets and tips for recording video messages optimal for social media, housed in the AAFP’s Family Medicine Action Network.  You will need your AAFP login.  We encourage you to take as many actions as you can to raise family medicine's voice. Learn more from AAFP News and the AAFP Leader Voices Blog has videos from AAFP board members.

PPE Purchasing via Amazon
Amazon Business has opened its priority access “COVID-19 Supplies Store” to individual physicians. 

Testing: Locations are continuously added as information is provided.  State run sites reopened today.

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Visit the IAFP’s COVID-19 education resources and our COVID-19 Resources page. 

AAFP resource center on Physician Employment Issues

We are the voices for our patients, especially those who face barriers to accessing care and bear a higher burden in the COVID-19 pandemic as a result of existing structural barriers in our health care system. When peaceful protests turn destructive, we experience a new anxiety on top of our concerns about navigating the COVID-19 pandemic and saving lives.  Racist acts plagued our communities long before the coronavirus arrived.  This is the latest chapter in a shameful history of injustice in a nation that was founded on freedom.  Social justice and health equity will not be achieved unless we use our voices to reject and eliminate the structural and institutional racism that suffocates voices, opportunities and lives.  This includes the racism faced by our colleagues as well as our patients.   

These two social media posts by IAFP leaders from the weekend resonated with me and I’d like to share them here.

Injustice, inequality, healthcare disparities and inhumane behavior are deeply rooted in our approach towards systemic racism.  We have repeatedly failed to hear the unheard.  Address social justice, until then, I am fearful of our future.  Praying for Calm over Chaos.  (IAFP Board Chair) Sachin Dixit, MD, May 31, Twitter

I remember the hope I felt when Obama became our president.  Now Chicago is under curfew because of the riots instigated by racial injustice.  We have taken too many steps back.  We need this country to have leaders who denounce racism and move us to a more hopeful future.  (IAFP Alternate Delegate) Tina Wheat, MD, May 30, Twitter

I denounce racism, hope for the future, and pray for calm.  


Monica J. Fudala, MD

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