Annual meeting and Family Medicine Midwest 2015 unite the best in family medicine

IAFP hosted the fourth annual Family Medicine Midwest conference Oct. 9-11 in Rosemont.  To maximize the family medicine exposure, IAFP co-located its business meetings, the All-member Assembly and the first meeting of the new IAFP board of directors at the same time in the same place, allowing maximum family medicine interaction.

Some stats and highlights of the weekend.
-Over 440 attended this regional showcase of family medicine.  
-130 students from across the Midwest attended on scholarships donated by individuals, organizations and education institutions
-50 Family Medicine Residency programs from North Dakota to Indiana and in between filled the exhibit hall
-6 interactive pre-conference sessions on Friday united family physicians under similar missions.
-3 SAMs workshops over two days
-23 varied family physicians led discussions at tables during the Speed Date the Specialty Lunch
-57 Education sessions across two days provided incredible insights into all family medicine is and does!
-16 Research and Paper presentations
-28 poster presentations

Opening keynote speaker, AAFP President Wanda Filer, MD threw the door open with an inspiring look at all family medicine has achieved.  She also provided a good dose of rallying the troops to face the current and soon-to-come challenges of payment reform and the constant sea changes thrown upon the health care delivery system. Most importantly she reinforced the value of family medicine and the esteem that the specialty holds. “The best health care purchase in this country is family medicine- no doubt about it,” she told attendees. “You are never trapped in family medicine, there is always a job for you – leverage that!”

Filer also conceded there will be pain along with family medicine’s gains “This is a transition, it’s messy, it’s painful, but we are on our way to something else and better!”  

Filer played many roles at the combined the Family Medicine Midwest conference and IAFP annual meeting.  She presented the AAFP exemplary Teaching Award to IAFP member Alisha Thomas, MD of the PCC Austin Family Health Center on October 9, delivered the keynote address over breakfast on Oct. 10, participated as a resource in the Speed Date the Specialty Lunch, provided Fellowship Convocation ceremonies to William Faber, MD, FAAFP and Inna Gutman, MD, FAAFP and installed our new IAFP board of directors and president Alvia Siddiqi, MD.

Taking the helm as one of the youngest ever IAFP presidents, Siddiqi used her inaugural address to encourage leadership and engagement at all levels, “I am a newer physician with a young family.  I know that there are other members like me who can and should feel empowered to embrace IAFP leadership at any and every level,” she said.  “Bringing young physicians into the Illinois family physician family and keeping those New Physicians are critical to the future success of our organization.”  



Sunday morning’s Keynote address from Fred Richardson, MD brought cheers and tears as he described the joy and impact he has providing care in home visits along with his wife, Julie.   His passionate and very interactive session had him running through the audience to get their insights as well.  His message was simple; that home care medicine is effective, efficient, better for the patient and provides the joy that drew so many into family medicine in the first place.

Family Medicine Midwest 2016 moves to Indianapolis, October 7-9.  Hope to see you there!