2020 Resident Scholarly Works Virtual Summit Schedule

June 10, 2020 from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

9:00 AM Opioid Tapering for Chronic Pain
Kevin Martinez, MD - MacNeal Family Medicine
Completed Project

9:20 AM Wait Time Reduction Strategies in an Inner City, Resident-Led Community Care Clinic
Cynthia Robles, MD - Amita St Mary and Elizabeth Medical Center
Completed Project

9:40 AM The impact of fluid resuscitation and orthostatic vitals on admission rates for patients presenting with syncope/near syncope.
Farrukh Fayyaz, MD – Jackson Park Hospital Family Medicine
Completed Project 

10:00 AM From Chaos to Coordination: Strategies for Implementing a Residency Team-based Complexity Care Model
Kevin Volkema, DO - Northwestern McGaw Family Medicine Residency at Humboldt Park
Co-Presenters Wesley Gibbert, MD,MPH; Mary Talen, PhD; Santina Wheat, MD, MPH
Research in-progress

11:40 AM "Novel Presentations of a Novel Pathogen"
Ramla Khan, MD - Jackson Park Hospital
Co-Presenters Dr. Ruksana Nazneen, MD
Completed Project

12:00 PM Does Asking About Suicidality Increase Detection of Suicidality? Screening for Suicidality in Primary Care.
Kathleen Bock, MD - Hinsdale Family Medicine Residency
Completed Project

12:20 PM Access to medication-assisted treatment for opioid use disorder in South Side Chicago
Jason Kushner, MD - Jackson Park
Completed Project 

2:00 PM Health Benefits of participating in the Healthy Harvest Food Box program for a Food Insecure Population
Nicholas Katcher, MD - Hinsdale Family Medicine residency
Co-Presenters Russell Stephensen DO
Completed Project

2:40 PM Reducing 30-day Hospital Readmissions through Development of a Post-Acute Care Clinic (PACC)
Ayaaz Habibullah, MD - Southern Illinois University in Quincy IL
Completed Project

3:00 PM Teen Pregnancy: Understanding Contraceptive Counseling Practices at Urban Community Residency Continuity Clinics
Hannah Polus, MD - West Suburban Family Medicine Residency
Co-Presenters Joelle Potts, DO; Haider Attarwala, DO; Ryan Martiniuk, MD
Completed Project

3:20 PM Implementing the AAP Breastfeeding Curriculum in the Inpatient Family Medicine Setting
Regina DePietro, MD - MacNeal Family Medicine
Co-Presenters Kathryn LePage
Completed Project 

4:40 PM Using Photovoice to Explore Factors that Influence Childhood Obesity at an Urban Federally Qualified Health Center
Rachel Grimmer, DO - West Suburban Medical Center
Co-Presenters Katie Stromdahl, DO and Daniel Parecki, DO
Completed Project

5:00 PM Stress in Pregnancy Screen (SIPS): A Process Improvement Study of a Novel Screening Tool at an Urban Federally Qualified Health Center
Joanna Curran, MD - West Suburban Family Medicine Residency Program
Co-Presenters Emily Schulte MD, Katherine Martiniuk, MD
Completed Project