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Statement by the Illinois Academy of Family Physicians
Michael A. Hanak, MD, FAAFP – President-elect

The Illinois Academy of Family Physicians joins the chorus of Illinois physician organizations to strongly support HB 5510 and SB 3822 to bring efficiency, transparency and common sense to the prior authorization process. Delays directly tied to prior authorizations are unnecessary burdens for physicians, their staff and most importantly the patients forced to wait out this process.

A 2018 survey of our members found that 57 percent report that prior authorizations have become more difficult in the past year, while only six percent said it was getting easier. More concerning is that 43 percent reported that prior authorization delays caused interruptions in medication and/or adverse events for their patients. There is no reason in the current age of technology for an authorization process to delay care or cause harm for patients.

Without question, prior authorization is the single issue that most frustrates family physicians -- and for good reason. It is time-consuming, expensive and creates an unnecessary barrier to care for patients. Significant productivity and economic costs are also associated with this process. On average, providers spent almost $11 per transaction to conduct a prior authorization request manually and nearly $4 using a web portal.

We believe family physicians using appropriate clinical knowledge, training, and experience should be able to prescribe and/or order services without being subjected to prior authorizations. The American Academy of Family Physicians policy further states that a physician's attestation of clinical diagnosis or order should be sufficient documentation of medical necessity for durable medical equipment.

We thank Rep. Greg Harris and Sen. Linda Holmes for their leadership along with the many others already committed as co-sponsors. We urge the General Assembly to pass HB 5510/SB 3822 and enable physicians to efficiently provide appropriate care in the best interest of their patients.


Media Contact: Ginnie Flynn, Vice President of Communications [email protected] and 630-427-8004
Legislative Affairs Contact: Gordana Krkic, CAE – Chief Advocacy and Policy Officer [email protected]m and 708-278-6921

The Illinois Academy of Family Physicians (IAFP) represents over 5,000 family physicians, family medicine residents and medical students dedicated to promoting the value of the specialty of family medicine and improving health for all through advocacy, education and action. Learn more at www.iafp.com.

Last Updated on Tuesday, February 18, 2020 09:57 AM