Illinois and Missouri Rural Health Equity Summit


Saturday, September 18, 2021

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Co-hosted by Illinois and Missouri chapters, the goal is to raise awareness of rural health challenges and then identify and discuss resources available and those still needed in order to effectively meet those challenges.

The Rural Health Equity Summit makes rural health a priority by addressing the many layers of barriers that prevent sustaining progress and attention on rural health in Illinois and Missouri. These barriers include physician workforce shortages, an imminent maternal mortality crisis, budget challenges and the lack of intergovernmental agency prioritization.

Taken together, Illinois and Missouri’s rural populations total nearly 3 million with per capita income lagging behind their urban counterparts. This event will examine both states’ selected social determinants of health and explore solutions to reduce disparity gaps.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Raise awareness of rural health challenges and community needs.
  2. Identify and discuss resources available to effectively meet those challenges.
  3. Understand how workforce data impacts access to care
  4. Address the many layers of barriers that prevent sustaining progress in rural health
  5. Facilitate collaborative discussions to improve problem-solving on: maternal mortality, opioid use, mental health, immunizations, obesity, and diabetes.
  6. Recognize diversity, equity, and inclusion as integral to strengthening rural health.

Audience: Health care providers and leaders from throughout Illinois and Missouri, including physicians, nurses, advanced practice nurses, administrators, practice managers and community leaders representing rural districts.

Supported by a grant from AAFP.

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