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IAFP, in partnership with the Rx Abuse Leadership Initiative of Illinois, is pleased to distribute the third and final newsletter. These newsletters aim to help our members and their communities by promoting the real action needed to end the opioid epidemic.


Educate Yourself and Your Patients – Resources You Can Use

IAFP is pleased to offer an updated course on Opioid Safety in Primary Care. Presented by William Campbell, DO, Chair of the IAFP Opioid Safety Workgroup, this activity will education physicians on how safely incorporate medications as a part of a comprehensive treatment strategy for chronic pain. For more details, and to take the course, visit IAFP’s learning management system today!

The American Academy of Family Physicians offers a variety of practice based tools to aid physicians in identifying gaps in practice flow, standardizing evaluation and treatment of chronic pain patients, and facilitating conversations surrounding pain and treatment goals, as well as identifying and mitigating risk. Visit the AAFP’s Chronic Pain Management Online Toolkit to access a variety of tools and resources to help you better serve your patients.


Rx Abuse Leadership Initiative of Illinois

The Rx Abuse Leadership Initiative (RALI) of Illinois is an organization of leaders focused on ending the opioid epidemic in our state by ensuring that communities have access to the most up-to-date and effective resources.  RALI was designed to focus on prevention, treatment, and recovery, so that the focus is on the full spectrum of solutions needed to fight this battle. Only action will solve this problem, and RALI is seeking community partners to help ensure that this initiative is as impactful as possible. By working together, RALI and its partners will help mobilize Illinois leaders into action and drive lasting change.

For more information visit RALI’s website today! https://www.rali-il.org/


IAFP Safe Prescriber Program

Elevate your practice status by achieving the status of Safe Prescriber. Empower yourself with the latest resources on pain management and controlled substances. Safeguard your practice by implementing practical tools and strategies. Demonstrate that your practice is up-to-date on safe pain medication management. IAFP’s Safe Prescriber program was created to aide physicians in administering safe pain management to their patients by offering them education and resources on safe prescribing. Physicians are encouraged to visit the Safe Prescriber webpage for additional information.