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IAFP, in partnership with the Rx Abuse Leadership Initiative of Illinois, is pleased to distribute the second of three newsletters. These newsletters aim to help our members and their communities by promoting the real action needed to end the opioid epidemic.

How can IAFP members take action individually and in their practices?

Asim Jaffer, MD, IAFP Board Chair, recently recorded a video message urging IAFP members to be active participants in combating the opioid crisis. Dr. Jaffer’s recommendations included the following:

  • Become an IAFP Safe Prescriber – IAFP’s Safe Prescriber program was created to aide physicians in administering safe pain management to their patients by offering them education and resources on safe prescribing. Physicians are encouraged to visit the Safe Prescriber webpage for additional information.
  • Join RALI Illinois – Encourage your practice ownership to join RALI! By partnering with this leadership initiative, your organization will serve as a key part of this multi-dimensional solution to our state’s opioid crisis. By collaborating with other state leaders, you will be able to educate your community about available programs that will help individuals and families impacted by addiction. 
  • Take IAFP’s updated course on Opioid Safety in Primary Care. While successful completion of this course is a requirement for those wishing to become a Safe Prescriber, all are encouraged to take this valuable CME module. Visit IAFP's LMS for course details.
  • Enroll in the Illinois Prescription Monitoring Program – The Illinois PMP is a great tool in the battle against the opioid crisis. Enroll today, and make sure that you use the PMP every time you prescribe a controlled substance. Enrollment in the PMP is required for the IAFP Safe Prescriber Program.
  • Safe Use and Disposal Practices – Be sure to encourage your team and patients to help prevent prescription drug misuse by safely using, storing and disposing of medications.  Speak with your patients about how to safely take controlled substance and what steps to take to ensure that their medication is stored using best practices. Finally, encourage the use of RALI’s safe disposal bags and know where to find take back centers in your community. Order RALI's safe disposal bags today!

View the video message here!


IAFP Annual Meeting

Join your fellow members at the 2019 IAFP Annual Meeting, taking place on Saturday, October 19 in Naperville.  This year, the plenary session will focus on opioid safety. For additional information, visit the IAFP Annual Meeting webpage. We look forward to spending the day with you in October!


Visit https://www.iafp.com/rali-il for more information on the IAFP partnership with RAIL

For more information about becoming a partner contact: Heidi Frederickson at 612-219-2837 or [email protected].