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IAFP, in partnership with the Rx Abuse Leadership Initiative of Illinois, is pleased to introduce the first of three newsletters. These newsletters aim to help our members and their communities by promoting the real action needed to end the opioid epidemic.

What is RALI?

The Rx Abuse Leadership Initiative (RALI) of Illinois is an organization of leaders focused on ending the opioid epidemic in our state by ensuring that communities have access to the most up-to-date and effective resources.  RALI was designed to focus on prevention, treatment, and recovery, so that the focus is on the full spectrum of solutions needed to fight this battle. Only action will solve this problem, and RALI is seeking community partners to help ensure that this initiative is as impactful as possible.

How can I partner with RALI to help combat the Opioid Epidemic?

By partnering with this leadership initiative, your organization will serve as a key part of this multi-dimensional solution to our state’s opioid crisis. By collaborating with other state leaders, you will be able to educate your community about available programs that will help individuals and families impacted by addiction.

RALI partners are featured in PSAs and media education efforts. Additionally, partners’ successful programs are showcased on RALI’s website, through presentations at live meetings, and in ongoing discussions with policymakers.

RALI and its partners will:

  • Highlight the ideas and solutions that are helping to save lives
  • Mobilize members of the addiction community and stakeholders (including law enforcement, first responders, EMTs, and employers) to educate and partner with policymakers who are working to implement life-saving programs and policies
  • Provide readily available resources that help prevent, manage, and treat opioid addiction
  • Share stories of the families and heroes who are on the frontlines battling this crisis

By working together, RALI and its partners will help mobilize Illinois leaders into action and drive lasting change.

For more information about becoming a partner contact: Heidi Frederickson at 612-219-2837 or Hfr[email protected].


View a video message from Asim Jaffer, MD

IAFP Board Chair and a recognized Safe Prescriber through the IAFP’s online Education program





For more information visit RALI’s website today! https://www.rali-il.org/