Partnering to Prevent and Treat Opioid Addiction

With more than 46 people dying every day across the United States from overdoses involving prescription opioids, the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) is committed to advancing programs that prevent misuse of these medicines and, ultimately, help save lives. Working alongside community partners, we are launching an initiative focused on opioid addiction, industry’s ongoing efforts to address it and the resources available to families and communities across the nation.


Too often, today’s approaches to addressing the challenge are disparate and one-dimensional. RALI was founded to bring a comprehensive approach to the fight against opioid addiction so that the most effective programs can thrive. Our focus is on the full spectrum of solutions, which encompasses prevention, treatment and recovery.

IAFP is an organizational partner for RALI-IL  Can your practice become a community partner to help ensure that this initiative drives impact?

What It Means to Be a Partner
By joining this leadership initiative, your organization will serve as a key part of the solution to our nation’s opioid crisis. In close collaboration with leaders across the state, you will have the opportunity to educate your community about programs that are helping individuals and families impacted by opioid addiction. Many communities and organizations have had success with different solutions to solving the addiction crisis. These success stories must be shared so that other organizations can learn from them.

As part of the initiative, partners will be featured in public service announcements and media education efforts. In addition, partners’ existing substance use disorder prevention programs will be showcased on RALI’s website, at panels and events, and on an ongoing basis with policymakers.

  • We will highlight the ideas and solutions that are helping to save lives;
  • We will mobilize members of the addiction community and stakeholders, including law enforcement, first responders, EMTs and employers, to educate and partner with policymakers who are working to implement life-saving programs and policies;
  • We will provide readily available resources that help prevent, manage and treat opioid addiction;
  • We will share the stories of families and heroes who are on the frontlines of the crisis;

By working together, we will spur action and drive lasting change. We hope you will join PhRMA and its partners in this important effort.

For more information about becoming a partner contact: Heidi Frederickson at 612-219-2837 or [email protected].

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