2017 Match Summary

Illinois continues an uneven trend of producing family physicians in our allopathic medical schools.

The reports from Illinois allopathic medical schools shows fewer students matched family medicine in 2017, with 80 total family medicine graduates, and only 31 matching into an Illinois family medicine residency program.  This is a significant drop from 2016, which had 101 overall family medicine matches and 43 of those matching into Illinois programs.  Illinois also fell below the national rate of 8.8 percent of U.S. medical school graduates who matched into family medicine.  We are still awaiting information from Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine.

Here are two Illinois students who were all smiles on Match Day when they opened their envelopes and saw their first choice - and an Illinois family medicine residency program!


View our full report here

View a chart of Illinois Medical Schools here

National Results

AAFP news and analysis from the national stage.  Link to their full report here

Compared with 2016, U.S. family medicine residency programs in the 2017 NRMP Match:

  • Offered 118 more positions (3,378 vs. 3,260)
  • Matched 132 more students and graduates (3,237 vs. 3,105)
  • Matched 49 more U.S. Seniors (1,530 vs. 1,481)
  • Had a similar overall fill rate (95.8% vs. 95.2%)
  • Had a similar fill rate for U.S. Seniors (45.3% vs. 44.4%)
  • Offered 11.7% of all positions in the Match (11.7% in 2016)
  • Matched 8.8% of all U.S. Seniors in the Match (8.7% in 2016)