Health is Primary - Tactic Teams Update

January 2016

The Practice Team's focus is on developing the capability to meet physicians where they are in their practice transformation efforts and help them get to where they would like to go. The team's mission is to help physicians rediscover the joy of practice and simultaneously meet the Triple Aim of better health, better care and better cost effectiveness. We'd like to showcase two projects on this update that are important to the Team's overall effort.

The Team is developing a survey tool to help them understand where physicians and practices are in their readiness for change. Much work has been done to help physicians understand patients' readiness to change behavior - this effort seeks to help physicians better understand their own readiness as a starting point for exploring opportunities for improving their practice.

The Team is also working to develop brief statements of the importance and value of practice transformation - called "elevator pitches". These elevator pitches are written to influence multiple different stakeholders. For example, the pitch geared toward physicians emphasizes arguments for practice transformation that speak to physicians' issues:
• Improve the care of, and our relationships with, our patients
• Decrease the hassle of practice
• Enhance income through payment reform and reduction of the costs of providing primary care

The next phase of the Practice team's work will be to link pre-existing practice transformation resources to physicians based on where they are as they meet the many challenges of everyday practice.

The Technology Team is currently working on two major projects. First, the team is developing a vision for how technology can promote health in the value-based world of 2020 and beyond. It is developing this vision in collaboration with some of the brightest minds in the healthcare technology sector. Once a draft is complete, it will seek input from a broad array of other organizations and individuals. Keep on the lookout for more updates about this exciting work soon.

Second, it has created a listsev whereby health technology innovators can connect to forward thinking family physicians in order to get valuable feedback on their emerging solutions. The result will be twofold. First, solutions aimed at the primary care space that receive this feedback will be better able to assist family physicians as they work to achieve the Triple Aim. Second, it gives the Technology Team valuable insight into the cutting edge of health technology, further informing and strengthening the visioning work described above. If you would like to join the listsev, write to [email protected] and let us know you are interested. We will send you an onboarding questionnaire to get started.

FMAHealth Board Forms a Cross-Tactic Team on Reducing Health Disparities in the United States. The FMAHealth Board has formed a cross-tactic team focused on the challenge of reducing health disparities in the United States. The team plans to collaborate with, and build on the work that the eight family medicine organizations are already doing to help reduce health disparities in the United States. Reducing health disparities is one of seven strategic objectives agreed upon by those organizations as part of the FMAHealth Strategic Plan. (For more on the FMAHealth Strategic Plan see

The team, composed of one member of each of the six Tactic Teams, is chaired by Viviana Martinez-Bianchi, M.D FAAFP, Assistant Professor and Residency Program Director at Duke Department of Community and Family Medicine. The cross-tactic team will help FMAHealth make reducing health disparities a concrete part of all of its work.

The team is also collaborating with the University of California San Francisco Department of Family and Community Medicine. The department, chaired by Kevin Grumbach, MD, has built a strong research capability dedicated to reducing health disparities. The team looks forward to learning from them as well as from others, including minority groups and underserved people throughout the country.