About David's Campaign


Top Three most important priorities that AAFP is addressing or needs to address

  1. Rural access and quality of care. I’m proud AAFP has publicly outlined this priority in testimony given to the US Senate HELP Committee, Nov. 15, 2017. I built my entire career in a rural community and am passionate about being our Academy’s voice and expert on high quality rural health care and how to achieve those goals.
  2. The Priority P’s of my campaign: Payment Reform, Patients over Paperwork and the family physician’s Privileging and Patient Care. Addressing all these priorities will positively impact #3
  3. Building the family physician workforce

My favorite things about my many years of IAFP and AAFP service and participation: The friends I’ve made and the connections I have formed. I am constantly able to learn, grow and improve from just being around these amazing people. There are so many things I take back and use that are gained from both Academies,  lessons learned and best practices. From the excellent formal education provided by the Academy to the organic learning from my involvement at the state, national and regional meetings, I’ve loved it all and have benefited from being an engaged member.