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Government Relations

IAFP asks AAFP to step up Tort Reform advocacy.  Read our letter to AAFP

IAFP co-signs letter to President Trump with over 350 organizations to reiterate our total support for vaccines. 

Current Issues - State Government

New Resources

The Importance of Family Medicine in Illinois

The State of Primary Care in the United States: A Chartbook of Facts and Statistics

End of Session Update - June 13, 2018

State Update - May 30, 2018

Illinois General Assembly web site Check the schedule, find a bill, find your legislators here

Medicaid MCO updates 

IAFP co-signed letter to legislative leaders detailing concerns about access for medically fragile children under Medicaid Managed Care

IAFP Supports Tobacco 21 policies

6/29/2018 - SB 2332 - the Tobacco 21 bill passed both houses and goes to Gov. Bruce Rauner for his signature.  IAFP co-signed a letter with dozens of organizations urging him to sign the bill. 

1/30/18- Board member Careyana Brenham, MD of Springfield spoke at the press conference announcing HB 4297 and SB 2332 to make Illinois a Tobacco 21 State. Read her statement.  Download a fact sheet. 

7/5/2017 -  IAFP letter to Berwyn City Council in support of ordinance to be considered July 25, 2017.  The Council voted to amend the current ordinance updating all age requirements to 21!  They will adopt the revised policy at their next meeting.

3/29/17 - IAFP President-Elect Asim Jaffer, MD, FAAFP speaks at a Statehouse press conference supporting a Tobacco 21 law for Illinois.  Read his statement

Read our Letter to the Editor by then-President Alvia Siddiqi, MD, FAAFP supporting Tobacco 21 and Other Tobacco Products Tax for the City of Chicago.  The proposal has advanced out of the Finance committee and is scheduled for consideration at the March 16 Chicago City Council meeting. 

 04/08/16 Oppose HB 5029 House Floor Amendment 1 - no exemptions to Smoke-Free Illinois law.  Contact your Illinois representative and use this fact sheet for details

The HEAL Act - a tax on sugar sweetened beverages would generate much needed revenue to support Medicaid while combating obesity tied to over-consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages.  Go to http://healthebudget.org/ to send a letter via the Health the Budget advocacy campaign hosted by the Illinois Alliance to Prevent Obesity.   Co-signed letter from IAFP and ICAAP supporting HEAL Act:  Urging legislators to support this bill adding an excise tax on sugar-sweetened beverages to support Medicaid programs, as well as more access to safe activity and proper food choices.

  IAFPs introduction to Gov. Rauner

FAQs from IAFP members on the Affordable Care Act

  Opioid Prescribing – House Amendment #1 to HB 1 addresses the abuse of heroin and preventing prescription opioids from being misused.

Health Care Right of Conscience Act SB1564

IAFP comments to JCAR on rules for psychologists prescribing

Testimony and statements

Support for Teaching Health Centers

IAFP statement on supporting graduate medical education and Illinois family medicine residency programs. 

Opposition to Mandated Hepatitis C Screening

IAFP testimony on Medicaid MCO

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