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Family Medicine Midwest Scholarship Donation Information

Download a scholarship support donation form here!  

Student Scholarships Fuel Family Medicine Midwest

Family Medicine Midwest provides vital scholarship support for students, including free registration, and financial support towards travel and hotel expenses. For most of our student attendees, these scholarships make it possible for them to attend, and be inspired by an event they would have otherwise missed. Scholarships are tailored to the travel needs of students, depending on the location of their medical school. Students at any allopathic or osteopathic medical school in any of the Family Medicine Midwest 12 states are eligible for scholarships support.

By tracking the Match results we have established a track record of success: 

• Of the 41 scholarship attendees from FM Midwest 2012 who graduated in 2013, 39 matched into family medicine residency programs.
• Of 61 FMM Midwest scholarship attendees in the 2014 Match, 42 are in family medicine residency programs.
• Of 72 FM Midwest scholarship attendees in the 2015 Match 43 are in family medicine (60%) and 31 of them are in Midwest programs.
• 50 out of 78 on scholarships who matched in 2016 and attended any of our four conferences chose family medicine. Thirty of them will train in FM Midwest region programs.
  • Of the 54 conference attendees in the 2017 Match, 31 matched into family medicine and 25 of them to Midwest programs. 
  • Half of the 2018 graduates who attended any Family Medicine Midwest conference on a scholarship matched into family medicine (48 out of 96).  Of those 48 in family medicine, 33 matched into Midwest states. 

A Sampling of Scholarship student testimonials after a Family Medicine Midwest Conference.

Family Medicine is an invaluable experience where students, residents, physicians and faculty come together to share both their knowledge and their passion for their calling. Mollie Laramore, Southern Illinois University School of Medicine

 A great opportunity for students to enhance their education and network in a relaxed and inviting environment. John Heafner, St. Louis University School of Medicine

The Minnesota Academy and its local chapters, universities, health systems, foundations, and individuals contributed to provide scholarships for medical students. Thank you. Because of these efforts, 11 medical students from Minnesota were able to attend the 2016 conference.

 “The conference was both informative and educational and provided me with an opportunity to learn more about family medicine, the challenges and means to overcome those challenges. I was also able to network with family physicians, residents, my fellow students, and other professionals from all around Midwest.” Jafary Fafara, MS-3, University of Minnesota Medical School. 

I just wanted to extend a huge thank you for the opportunity to attend the Family Medicine Midwest conference in Indianapolis last week! Not only did I have the opportunity to network with residency programs at the residency fair, but I also was able to attend several excellent hands on sessions. I learned shoulder injections, knee injections, IUD insertion and endometrial aspiration biopsy. It was a wonderful and enlightening experience!" Joel Soma

"The conference was a fantastic experience to learn from those ahead of me - residents, physicians, hiring institutions, and community partners - about what family medicine is really like. I appreciated how candid everyone was, not only about what they loved about their job, but also what was challenging. The common thread that I heard was that people really enjoyed the long-term, meaningful relationships that they had with their patients. After attending the conference, I could really see a future in family medicine for myself." Jeanne (Ronghua Tong), M1 – University of Wisconsin