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Update on Adult Immunizations For Primary Care Providers
Sponsored by the Illinois Academy of Family Physicians
Presented by: Corinne Kohler, MD, FAAFP, Frances Nelson Medical Director & Promise Healthcare, Clinical Assistant Professor, College of Medicine, University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, IL
Learning Objectives
* Understand the current ACIP recommendations and immunization schedules for adults.
* Educate adult patients about the importance of immunization.
* Develop an office-wide strategy to improve the immunization rate with adult patients (e.g., patient recall and reminder systems, standing orders).

Funding for this program was made possible by funds received from the Office of Health Protection, through the Illinois Department of Public Health
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IAFP Resources

Watch IAFP's waiting room video on The Flu Vaccine and You

Immunization for Adults: A Patient Guide

Developed by the IAFP, this patient education brochure can be downloaded as a PDF and printed
or you can order full-color copies to be mailed to your office.
Click here to order your IAFP patient materials.

Top 10 Take-Away’s from the Update on Update on Adult Immunizations For Primary Care Providers

A companion to the Update on Adult Immunization slide show.

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Changes in the 2016 Adult Immunization Schedule reflect ACIP recommendations summarized in Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices Recommended Immunization Schedule for Adults Aged 19 Years or Older — United States, 2016

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