2021 Resident Scholarly Works Virtual Summit Schedule

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9:00:00 AM
Rasmeet Miller, MD
AMITA St. Mary and Elizabeth Hospital
Co-Presenters Watik Maghroudi MD
SARS-CoV2 PCR cycle thresholds and COVID-19 clinical outcomes in patients treated with remdesivir at AMITA Health St. Mary & Elizabeth Medical Center
Category: Research in-progress

9:20:00 AM
Julia Kovtsun, MD
Pregnancy outcomes in our hospital during the COVID pandemic from April to August 2020 compared to the previous three years.
Category: Research in-progress

9:40:00 AM
Marcela Hinojosa Soria, MD
AMITA Sts. Mary and Elizabeth Medical Center
Co-Presenters Danique Lippens, Sara Luczkiewicz
Retrospective Analysis of Postpartum Visits of SMEMC Family Medicine Residency Program
Category: Research in-progress

10:00:00 AM
Audrey Hertenstein Perez, MD
West Suburban Medical Center Family Medicine Residency Program
Co-Presenters Elizabeth Ramirez, MD; Nathan Lin, MD
Identifying Providers’ Perceived Knowledge, Ability, and Practices around Providing Care for Undocumented Immigrant Patients in an Urban Federally Qualified Health Center Clinic Setting
Category: Completed Project

10:20:00 AM
Arsalan Kabir, DO
Amita Health Adventist Hinsdale Family Medicine Residency
Co-Presenters Aleksey Sakharuk DO
Adherence to HMG Co-A Reductase Inhibitors Use in Patients with Diabetes
Category: Completed Project

10:40:00 AM
Lilia Scafaru, MD
Amita Health Presence St. Mary and Elizabeth Family Medicine
Co-Presenters Roberto Moran, Abdul Dada
Analysis of Changes in Food Behavior and Security in Chicago Health Market 2019
Category: Completed Project

11:20:00 AM
Vasyl Hereha, MD
Amita Health Saints Mary and Elizabeth Medical Center Family Medicine Program
Co-Presenters Oleksii Seniutkin; Nwamaka Ezurike
Studying transitions of care in a residency program by educating first year residents and evaluating standardized discharge summaries
Category: Completed Project

11:40:00 AM
Matthew Laton, MD
AMITA - St. Mary and Elizabeth Hospital
The Other Pandemic: How Rising Depression Rates Calls for Better Management In the Outpatient Setting
Category: Research in-progress

12:00:00 PM
Vivian Harvey, MD
Loyola MacNeal Family Medicine Residency
Co-Presenters Rebecca Uttermann, DO, Marinor Concepcion, DO
Increasing Advance Directives and Documentation at Loyola MacNeal FMC
Category: Completed Project

12:20:00 PM
Thomas Cheng, MD
Jackson Park Hospital
Statin Eligibility and Use Rates for Primary Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease in Chicago's South Side: a Singe Center Study
Category: Completed Project

12:40:00 PM
Hira Tariq, MD
Jackson Park Hospital/ Mount Sinai Hospital
AKI progression to CKD, Incidence and associated risk factors
Category: Completed Project

1:00:00 PM- 2PM - BREAK FOR LUNCH!

2:00:00 PM
Gabriella Baran, DO
Hinsdale Family Medicine Residency
Pediatric Vaccine Compliance Rates During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Retrospective Cohort Study
Category: Completed Project

2:20:00 PM
Kathryn Ghanayem Kubilius, MD
AMITA Health Adventist Medical Center Hinsdale Family Medicine Residency
Low Dose CT for Lung Cancer Screening at Hinsdale Family Medicine Center
Category: Completed Project

2:40:00 PM
Kim Reinhart, DO
Hinsdale Family Medicine Residency
Pregnancy Outcomes and Complications Among Physicians in the United States
Category: Research in-progress

3:00:00 PM - OPEN

3:20:00 PM
Laila Younes, MD
AMITA SMEMC family medicine residency
Breastfeeding Back to the Basics: Educating family medicine residents on breastfeeding techniques and breastmilk storage
Category: Research in-progress

3:40:00 PM
Vivian Harvey, MD
Loyola MacNeal Family Medicine Residency
Multidisciplinary Medication Reconciliation: A Collaboration Between Medical Residents and Pharmacy Team in a Family Medicine Outpatient Center
Category: Completed Project

4:20:00 PM
Miena Hall, MD
Hinsdale Family Medicine Residency
Effectiveness of Breastfeeding Workshop on Resident Knowledge and Clinical Breastfeeding Rates in a Family Medicine Residency
Category: Completed Project

4:40:00 PM
Kelley Dilliard, DO
Hinsdale Family Medicine Residency
Adherence to Screening Guidelines for Chlamydia Testing Post-education at Hinsdale Family Medicine Center
Category: Completed Project

5:00:00 PM
Yi-hwa Kim, MD
AMITA Health Adventist Medical Center, Hinsdale
Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Screening in HFMC Patients
Category: Completed Project

5:20:00 PM
Ana Toledo, MD
AMITA St. Mary’s & Elizabeth Medical Center
Co-Presenters Dagni Chuki and Verenisse Torres
Promoting Vaginal Birth
Category: Research in-progress