2019 IAFP Awards

Congratulations to all our IAFP 2019 Awards honorees.  Each of the following were honored at our Annual Meeting October 19 at NIU-Naperville conference center.  Click here for the full press release.  Additional photos are available by request to Ginnie Flynn.

2019 IAFP Resident Teacher of the Year
Kimberly Beiting, MD – McGaw Northwestern Family Medicine Residency Humboldt Park
Faculty member Dorothy Dschida, MD describes Dr. Kimberly Beiting as a dynamic and engaging speaker. “Over the last year of her residency she championed a lecture series on the care of the elderly patient. Her sessions were evidence-based, interactive, and entertaining. She strives to connect with her learners and really help them to experience the didactic content in a way that sustains the learning over time.” Dr. Beiting led a particularly innovative session in which learners were given-specially designed gloves, glasses and headphones that simulate the sensory changes of aging. “This really helped the learners to understand first-hand what their patients experience every day, and hopefully will allow the residents to connect with their elderly patients with enhanced empathy,” concluded Dschida. The Chicago native graduated from University of Chicago, followed by medical school at the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine.  After graduating residency this summer, Beiting is now a Geriatrics Fellow at the University of Chicago. 

Family Medicine Teacher of the Year - Sonia P. Oyola, MD, ABOIM
University of Chicago - Pritzker School of Medicine
Dr. Oyola was unable to attend, so no photos is available. Her award will be delivered at a date to be determined.

Distinguished Service Award – Matthew C. Winkleman, MD, FAAFP 
SIH Medical Center - Harrisburg
Dr. Laura Winkleman, Dr. Matthew Winkleman, AAFP Board Chair Dr. John Cullen and Michelle Cullen 

Family Physician of the Year – Brian Chicoine, MD
Adult Down Syndrome Center and Advocate Lutheran General Hospital – Park Ridge
Dr. Brian Chicoine and IAFP President Dr. Monica Fudala Fudala and Beiting

IAFP President's Awards  

Each year the outgoing president may present an award to an individual, member or organization that has had an impact on family medicine, our mission or the president's term or career.  Sachin Dixit, MD, FAAFP chose four individuals for his awards. 

Click here for the press release with more information. 

Illinois Sen. Michael E. Hastings (D-19) - His award will be delivered at a date TBD, so no photo available yet
Kevin McCune, MD - Advocate Health Care
Dr. Kevin McCune and IAFP past president Dr. Sachin Dixit
Elizabeth Salisbury-Afshar, MD, MPH, FAAFP, FACPM, DFASAM
American Institutes for Research (AIR)
Dr. Salisbury-Afshar and Dr. Dixit
Gail Y. Floyd, MD - Cook County Family Medicine Residency Program, Chicago
Dr. Dixit and Dr. Floyd