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Immunization Advocacy - Overcoming Vaccine Hesitancy


Addressing and Overcoming Barriers to Vaccine Hesitancy: Positive Messaging for Patients
Wednesday, March 29, 11:00 am - 12:00 pm **SPECIAL earlier time!**

Presented by: Anton Grasch, MD, Assistant Professor of Family Medicine, UnityPoint Health Methodist Family Medicine, Peoria, IL 

Learning Objectives: 
1. Educate patients about the importance of being immunized. 
2. Identify approaches to overcome barriers associated with vaccine compliance. 
3. Learn communication strategies for adult patients and the parents/caregivers of children who require immunization. 
4. Develop an office-wide strategy to improve immunization rates (e.g., patient recall and reminder systems, standing orders).

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Top Ten Take-away Points from Addressing and Overcoming Barriers to Vaccine Hesitancy: Positive Messaging for Patients



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