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IAFP Family Medicine Mentor Connection

IAFP Student Member to Family Physician Link Pilot Program

IAFP is pleased to offer the potential of a pilot membership program to link IAFP student members with IAFP resident and active member volunteers for a mentoring connection in 2017.
Students who are interested in connecting with a mentor through IAFP must respond by January 17.
Why?  January is National Mentoring Month, and a wonderful time to start of your new year with a new connection to provide feedback and guidance in your medical school exploration.  The goal of this new opportunity is to provide a variety of tangible family medicine exposures, positive mentoring and interaction only available and possible through the Illinois Academy of Family Physicians.  
Who should seek a mentor?  Are you a student member on the fence about what specialty is right for you?  Do you have unanswered questions about family medicine and want experienced feedback?  Do you love family medicine and are trying to find the practice model or setting that works for you?  
Requirements of Mentor Connection Pilot participants
-Students must be a member of IAFP at an Illinois-based medical school with a valid email address on file.  Pilot participants cannot opt out or unsubscribe IAFP email communications.
-This is a mentoring program only for personal, leadership or career exploration.  Students who need guidance with academic (classroom) struggles should seek help directly from their school.
-Students interested in linking to an IAFP member must complete the online interest form/application by January 17.  The application deadline has passed. 
What to expect:
-The students and mentors will be asked to connect between four and eight times during 2017.
-A "connection" can be face-to-face meetings on your own time (visit the practice, meet for coffee, attend an event together), Skype/Facetime, phone calls, email check-in.
-Students and mentors will be offered options to meet up in person in conjunction with the Essential Evidence conference in Chicago on March 24 or Springfield March 9 or the Spring into Action lobby days on May 9, 10 or 11. (link to each one) – and each of these count towards your total connections.
-Students and their mentors will be asked to complete a mid-year short online survey by July 30, 2017 and then a final online survey by December 31, 2017.
Students who have successfully completed the interest form will be directed to the Mentorship community forum on the IAFP web site to connect with a mentor directly.  Each volunteer family physician coach will be responsible for responding to a student request.  IAFP staff will monitor the community forum, but will not directly pair students to mentors.  

Students and mentors will need to schedule their own interactions.  All students and mentors will receive direct email invites to all IAFP sponsored events, where they can also meet in person and utilize the learning and networking opportunities available at IAFP event.

Mentors and students who have completed their mid-year online report  will be recognized at the IAFP annual business meeting on October 6, 2017.

There is no monetary compensation to mentor volunteers or to student participants.  Reimbursement for mentoring interactions, travel or expenses is not available.   

Questions may be directed to:  Ginnie Flynn, Vice President of Communications at 630-427-8004 or by email